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3D Solutions from Belgrade was established in 2012. We deal with design, engineering and installation of processing equipment, as well as manufacturing, sales and service of filtration systems. 

We offer a complete service, from the drawing of projects to execution of work, with a customer service in the form of spare parts and regular maintenance. We are here for you all the way, from the project to a functional production.  

That's why we're here 

We produce benchmark results

By doing so we satisfy our customers. Consequently, we need to build a high performance organisation. We are driven by innovations, expansion and we focus on safety, quality, delivery and costs. We act in socially responsible manner. And we want to have a profit at the end for us and our families.

Plans for the future

Establish 3D Solutions will be focused on foundation for performance improvement

By improving ownership & direct participation of operators in management of equipment & processes, through join work with our customers, early detection of abnormalities, and replacement of parts or small repairs & 5S standards implementation. We want to maintain the results from improvement teams to reduce losses in time and material in our workshops and places where projects are executed. 

Why choose 3DS?

3D Solutions offers solutions that fit your process thanks to its core values, i.e. the strength of the company. Those are Determination, Durability and Diversity. We are determined to offer you premium services in the domain of the processing industry, without any compromises when it comes to quality. Our products conform to all applicable standards, they are made from the best materials and with the use of modern technologies. This guarantees a durability that extends beyond the warranty period. A team of talented engineers and staff with different qualifications is here to answer all of your questions. What separates us from the others in the market are the following features:



Every project you entrust us with will receive our utmost attention, from the project documentation and execution of work to fine tuning and subsequent maintenance. While in contact with you, we provide additional services, such as spare parts supply, system maintenance, servicing, expanding of capacities and everything else your business needs or thinks of.



The partnership we have with our clients extends to our employees as well, since we see them as a key factor in the success of our business. Therefore we can count on a sufficient number of qualified workers needed for a project at any time. Also, our field of work is tightly connected to society's most important task – protecting the environment. Everything we design, build and maintain reflects our responsibility to the society and the environment.



We do our best to be known for our method of work with a constant search for new ways to improve the process. When you entrust us with a task, rest assured that you will get more than you imagined.

"3D Solutions is a leading provider of equipment and services solutions for beverage, food, and personal care products. 3D Solutions has over 10 years of experience with proven expertise in service, new projects, material handling, Process and line-engineering solutions, including an innovative focus on the factory of tomorrow with advanced systems. 

We are committed to our customers’ success. When you partner with 3D Solutions, you can be sure of approach that optimise your process flows, product packaging, boost production line performance and help you grow your business. 

To assist you best, we must completely understand your products, your consumers, your supply chains and your production needs. We need to know where your business is today, where you want it to be in the future and what you need from your equipment to reach your goals. 

To begin to execute on the 3D Solutions concept, start by listening to what our people have to say and taking them seriously. Our people are most important asset as we think that Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first."

— Dalibor Perović, CEO


At all times, 3D Solutions has a well-coordinated team of 60+ contractors ready to meet all customer requirements within the highest world standards.










We are proud of the great experience we have gained by working with clients from various industries. Here are some of them we’d like to single out: 

01. Food industry

Branch of industry that deals with food production and processing. So far we have worked in the fields of mineral water and soft drinks industry, milk and dairy production and confectionery.

02. Beer industry

Beer production has a long history and tradition in our country. The high level of modern beer technology was achieved thanks to the development of microbiology and biochemistry.

03. Winemaking

Winemaking or vinification is the production of wine, starting with the selection of the fruit, its fermentation into alcohol, and the bottling of the finished liquid. Over the histroy it has grown into a sophisticated industry. 

04. Viscous products and fermentation industry

Fermentation industry is the oldest industrial production involving microorganisms. It is a way alcohol, alcoholic beverages, sour-dairy beverages, lactic acid, butter acid, vinegar and other acids are produced.

05. Wastewater treatment

The main goal of wastewater treatment is to remove contaminants, so it can have an acceptable impact on the environment and can be reused for various purposes. 

06. Pharmaceutical industry

Branch of the industry that manufactures pharmaceutical supplements, medicines and other products used for medicinal purposes.

07. Water supply and water management

Supply of hygienic impeccable drinking water and water for other needs, in sufficient quantities and at all times, is a necessary condition for the life of the settlement, development of municipalities, agriculture, crafts and industries.

08. Paper production

Industrial paper production is a process in which mechanical or chemical processing of wood or other plant-based materials takes place

09. Cardboard packaging

As with the paper, it is very important that all raw materials used in cardboard production are recycable and that the whole process is set in accordance with environmental laws.

The production of industrial filter housings

The key points of every processing system are the industrial filter housings since their quality guarantees the quality and safety of the product.

Our housings are manufactured in accordance with the applicable worldwide standards (GMP, HACCP, FDA, EHDG, PED...) and provide the required level of filtration, while keeping your product safe during the manufacturing process. The activities of 3D Solutions encompass the design and manufacture of custom-made top quality housings for different industrial filters (basket strainers, filter candles), as well as their installation within the filtering system.

We manufacture filter housings for the filtration of liquids and gasses (O and CO2), up to the highest level of filtration, i.e. the level of permeability required by the pharmaceutical and food industry (0.2 microns). Filter housings are made according to the client's requirements and their dimensions can be standard or special. Their common traits are flawless quality and a practically unlimited work life.


Over the years, our experience grew, as well as the complexity of the projects in which we participated.
Take a look at our portfolio.


Umka paper factory

A complete reconstruction of the factory, a start-up of a new cardboard making machine • 3D model entirely manufactured by 3D Solutions • 15 km of…

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Barry Callebaut South East Europe

Production and installation of process pipelines in a new factory in Novi Sad • 20+ contractors (pipes, welders and locksmiths) • Number of working…

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Manufacturing of a system for external washing of the can filler for Heineken Zaječar (2020) Manufacturing of a system for external washing of glass…

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Reconstruction of the factory, completely new piping layout with an Approach flow (constant part) • 2000m of pipeline DN 010 – DN 800, completely…

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Automatic device for the production of Munchmallow syrup with the accompanying automatic CIP • Complete conceptual solution together with a P&ID…

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Connecting and commissioning of a pasteurizer Della Toffola • Complete conceptual solution together with a P&ID diagram • 3000+ m of pipeline

Saznaj više


Manufacturing of processing pipelines for the production of food for children

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PLANINKA – Fabrika Prolom voda

Connecting the new boreholes to the water filling and pipeline cleaning system (CIP) • 3500 m of underground pipeline

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Filter housings for gasses • Complete filter housings for food factory gasses in the GBG factory (CO2, compressed air)

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Connecting the new KHS filler • A complete conceptual solution for the pipeline layout in order to connect the new line

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PALL – Vinarija Vršac

Wine filtration system • A completely autonomous and transferrable system for wine filtration, on its own rack (skid variant)

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Manufacture of the pipeline for treated water • Creating the P&ID diagram • Manufacture of the pipeline (DN 020 – DN 125 ) for the inflow of treated…

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PLANINKA – Prolom voda

Connecting a new production • Connecting a new filler with a capacity of 13.200 units/h onto an existing pipeline

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Expanding a goat milk dairy factory in Kukujevci Conceptual solution, creating the P&ID diagram Manufacture and delivery of new tanks (duplicators)…

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ACE Zrenjanin

Donation of ACE – Honored cross for the Temple of the ascension of the Lord in Bagljaš Conceptual solution, creating the 3D model and the…

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3D Solutions je zastupnik prodaje proizvoda i cevnih elemenata kompanije NIOB Fluid iz Češke.

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NIOB FLUID s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of stainless steel equipment used in food processing systems, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Most of NIOB's fluid production is exported to Eastern Europe, as well as Germany, Italy and France.


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